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Special mechanical engineering technology for well filler application in the well block of the steel ladle can be the decisive factor in successfully achieving the highest opening rates. The goal is to precisely dose a defined amount of filler in the right place and at the right time. This results in a reduced workload, lower consumption, higher ladle availability, and ultimately lower costs when it comes to the overall concept.

The right combination of material storage, dosing technology, and robotics is crucial for the technical design of an optimal dosing station. Our team has many years of experience and process knowledge in dosing technology, in particular considering the tight space available for well filler application. To monitor the addition, we also use the latest high temperature camera technology.

Talk to us about automation of the dosing technology you use to add well filler. Together we will find the right, tailor-made engineering solution.


Research and Development

The key to having a technological edge is an energetic and agile research and development team. As a member of the Weerulin Group, our aim is to set quality standards in the field of well filler as well.

Although well fillers containing chrome ore are very efficient, they might affect the cleanness of sensitive steel grades. For this reason, we spend a great deal of effort on the development of high-performance and safe well fillers that are based on alternative raw materials (e.g. free of chrome ore). Our clear goal is to produce well filler 2.0.



Quality is the basis of every technical achievement. Like all members of the Weerulin Group, we are committed to the highest product quality as our key corporate goal.

Continuous quality control and computer-aided process monitoring ensure that we maintain the quality parameters for our products. Complete documentation guarantees the traceability of every batch produced. We apply a double-edged quality policy. We not only measure ourselves against the general quality standards of DIN ISO 9001, but also make individual quality agreements with our customers.