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The opening rate counts!


The right well filler is a key component to success. Although only used in small quantities in steel production, the impact on productivity and profitability is often underestimated. Only top performance and the highest possible opening rates ensure an optimal process that avoids:

  • lost time
  • lower quality
  • reduced operational safety
"We can only achieve the highest opening rates by optimizing the interaction of the three main factors affecting the opening rate: product, personnel, and process or, as we say at Weebotec, the "3 P concept”.
Marc Bombeck
Managing director

Our "3 P concept"

Our "3 P concept" is based on the fact that only the consideration of the scenario as a whole will lead to the best results. For the area of well fillers, the broader view needs to consider the following:

  • Product – selecting the perfectly matched well filler
  • Personnel – ensuring the staff apply best practices
  • Process – accounting for the local process parameters

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians analyzes the operating conditions and selects the suitable product from our portfolio. Together with the customer, we adjust the product to meet the metallurgical requirements of the steel plant. We provide application advice, train the staff in operation, and supply tailor-made automated well filler dosing stations optimized for your application.

We consistently pursue the "3 P concept" with the clear goal of improving the opening rate in your steel plant to the maximum.


Product groups

Different qualities of steel and different steel making processes require different types of well fillers. Together with our customers, we select the right product from the following product groups:

  • WEEBO FIL C: for short cycle times and short pouring times
  • WEEBO FIL F: for long cycle times with powerful secondary metallurgy
  • WEEBO FIL HQ: for complex steel grades
  • WEEBO FIL RF: for high-alloy special steels

We will be pleased to answer our specially developed questionnaire on well fillers together with you. We will then find the ideally matching well filler for your individual requirements.


Raw materials

The proper selection of raw materials is the top priority in our quality philosophy. Only raw materials that are sourced with consistent, homogeneous quality find their way into our products. Each of our raw material sources is carefully reviewed before selection and qualification. This is done in a two-step process:

  1. Material qualification through intensive laboratory tests (high temperature and physical tests)
  2. Auditing of the raw material suppliers and their processing technology

This is how we ensure that the raw materials meet the highest requirements of our quality management system. We value an intensive professional exchange with our long-standing raw material suppliers, which in turn stimulates the development of new products and the continuous improvement of our products.

WEEBOTEC uses only the highest quality, virgin raw materials for well filler production. As the Development Manager, I won´t accept less
Malte Kreuels
Development Manager